True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united. - Alexander von Humboldt



Exercise is essential for the well-being of individuals with Parkinson's disease. Recent research has shown that exercise may slow, halt or even reverse the progression of PD. The earlier exercise is begun after diagnosis, the better the results. It benefits both the physical and psychological well-being of people with PD. It addresses common symptoms of PD, such as: gait problems, rigidity/stiffness, tremors, freezing, posture, balance, depression/stress and falls. Improving flexibility and mobility are key components. Specificity of training is important. Exercise also provides an emotional boost with an increased sense of confidence and accomplishment in being able to perform daily activities better. Exercise can help individuals with PD achieve and maintain wellness and significantly improve their quality of life. The results of their exercise can be seen immediately.


Sarah Krumme Stahr has worked with Parkinson's clients for nearly 10 years. She understands the symptoms of the disease and has designed exercise programs specific to the needs of individuals with PD. She combines the information, research and experience she learned from leaders in the field of exercise and PD and also what she has learned from her own clients. Sarah has the background and unique skills to teach individuals with Parkinson's disease. She received continuing education credits for a course she took at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee —"Parkinsonism: Retraining the Brain Through Exercise." She then became a "PWR! Fitness" Instructor to teach PWR! MOVES Group Exercise Class and PWR! Circuit Group Exercise Class programs that are research-based and PD-specific exercise programs developed and taught by Becky Farley, PhD, MS, PT, a leading expert in the area of exercise and PD and the CEO/Founder of NeuroFit Networks/PWR! in Tucson, Arizona ( Sarah has also been certified through the "Delay the Disease", a PD exercise program developed by David Zid.


These PD programs are about translating research and function into the community setting through group classes and personal fitness training. They emphasize the importance of early intervention and continuous access to research-based exercise approaches that target the unique physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges for individuals living with PD. The format of the classes is designed and adapted for those individuals with minimal to moderate levels of disease severity. They target PD-specific movement deficits, improve function, mobility, mood, quality of life, and reduce the risk of falls. It is very important to start exercise early in the diagnosis and to continue with it regularly.

The classes are partially funded by a grant from the Tri-State Parkinson's Wellness Chapter, a local chapter of the APDA, to help defray the cost of the class to participants.

PWR! MOVES Group Exercise Class:

This program is a 1-hour group exercise class for individuals with Parkinson's disease with minimal to moderate levels of disease severity. This class consists of a series of targeted movement exercises that are PD-specific and are designed to optimize learning and plasticity. The goal of individuals in this class is to not only improve their performance in class, but also learn to recognize when they need to self-correct their slow/small movements for better mobility, posture, and balance in everyday life. The emphasis of the class is to promote an environment for learning and exercise that provides an atmosphere of empowerment, motivation, camaraderie and FUN. Many different types of exercise equipment and props are used to add variety and challenge to the class. This class meets once a week.

PWR! CIRCUIT Exercise Class:

This program is a 1-hour small group class for Parkinson's individuals with minimal to moderate levels of disease severity. It is PD and task-specific and will address any deficits caused by PD. The class is staged in different stations, each station addressing a specific symptom of PD. The class is designed to encourage the participants to increase their effort at each station over time. The class meets in a fitness facility which has the specific equipment needed for each exercise. This class meets once a week.

“Tai Chi for PD” Group Exercise Class:

This is a one-hour class consisting of gentle warm-up exercises, learning the movements of a Tai Chi form by watching, following and eventually doing movements independently, and ending with a cool down and relaxation phase. This class can be done seated, standing or a combination of the two.

Health benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness and stamina, muscle strength, flexibility, posture and concentration. Tai Chi improves balance and may reduce falls. Tai chi can reduce stress, enhance relaxation and improve mood.


This program is an in-home 1-hour individual session for Parkinson's individuals with all levels of disease severity. After an initial assessment is made of the client's PD symptoms and fitness level, the personal trainer, who has extensive skill and knowledge in working with PD clients will design an exercise program that specifically addresses the PD symptoms that are giving the individual trouble, such as posture, gait, balance, rigidity, tremors and freezing in order to improve the quality of daily activities. This intensive type of PD-specific training often provides the most significant improvement in PD individuals. This in-home session can be scheduled at the client's convenience.


This PD program is a free monthly group outing for individuals that are able to participate in a mild to moderate 1-hour hike. The park and trail used changes each month but the hikes usually take place at a city or county park. The hikes are on Sunday, and the weather and season of the year determine whether the hike takes place in the morning or afternoon. All you need to bring are good shoes and water. Walking or trekking poles are encouraged to be used for providing extra stability. Participants are welcome to bring friends and family to join them on the hike. The information regarding each monthly hike is sent via email (or phone call if you do not have an email address).

Class Day Time Place
PWR! MOVES Group Exercise Class Wednesday 1:00am-2:00pm Connections Church - Madeira
Wednesday 3:00pm-4:00pm Baptist Towers
Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm Mercy Health - West Park
Saturday 11:15am-12:15pm Hyde Park Health Center
Tai Chi for PD Tuesday 4:00pm-5:00pm Barrington of Oakley
PWR! Circuit Exercise Class Thursday 2:00pm-3:00pm beneFIT Studio
ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING Available on an individual basis In-home
HIKING CLUB Sunday (monthly) varies varies


PWR! MOVES / Tai Chi for PD:

Organized in sessions. Prepayment is requested for the total number of classes in that session. Each workout in that session is $10/class. Each session varies slightly but is about 4 months in length. An individual may join at any time during a session and be charged for the total number of classes left in that session.


Organized in sessions. Prepayment is requested for the total number of classes in that session. Each workout in that session is $25/class. Each session varies in length.


$75/1-hour session. Takes place in client's home.




Connections Church
7421 E. Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Baptist Towers
800 Highland Ave.
Covington, KY 41014

Mercy Health - West Park
2950 West Park Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Hyde Park Health Center
4001 Rosslyn Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45209
(off Erie Ave. in Hyde Park)

The Barrington of Oakley
2855 Babson Pl.
Cincinnati, OH 45227

beneFIT Studio
3913 Eastern Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45226


You may start a class at any time during the year.

For more information about the program or the classes or to reserve your place, please contact:

Sarah K. Stahr


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